French Camp FPD Service to the Unprotected Area

The “Unprotected Area” is that portion of San Joaquin County bordered by the main San Joaquin River Channel to the north; the San Joaquin River to the east; the Old San Joaquin River and the Grant Line Canal to the south and west; and the Old River and Contra Costa County line to the west. The unprotected area is unique in San Joaquin County for not having a fire district or other form of public fire service protection to participate in the EMS system.

Since 2009, The French Camp McKinley Fire Protection District has entered into contracts for fire, rescue, and medical service with individual property owners residing in the unprotected area south of Highway 4.  The deployment of French Camp Fire resources into the unprotected area often requires extended travel distances and longer out-of-district commitment times. Historically, French Camp staffing levels provided “back-fill” to cover the District while primary resources were committed elsewhere. At present, the District staffs only one fire engine. Response into the unprotected area leaves the French Camp community dependent upon the County’s fire mutual aid system and exposes it to extended response times.

The District will no longer renew annual contracts for service with property owners located outside of the French Camp Fire Protection District. 

We will be working with San Joaquin County Emergency Medical Services, local fire departments, and other County agencies to help find an alternative to the emergency service needs of the unprotected area. Ambulance service by American Medical Response continues to be available in case of medical emergencies. We will continue to respond to structure fires in the unprotected area formerly served by contract until December 31st, 2020.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Assistant Chief James Miller at (209) 932-8630 office, (209) 988-7818 cell, or email him at